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An au pair will become a member of the parenting team who understands the unique circumstances that affect everyone in the family. She or he will provide assistance while bringing a wonderful and enriching element of cultural exchange to the children’s lives. Her responsibilities include anything to do with the children including laundry, meals, cleaning, driving, play dates, homework and more.

An au pair lives in your home and must have her own bedroom. She comes for a year and can extend for 6, 9, or 12 months. Au pair means “on a par” with the family. These young people all want to learn about American culture and bond with a family in the U.S.A. Au pairs are screened very thoroughly: language evaluated; references checked; experience verified; personalities profiled; preferences and lifestyle examined. They receive orientation and training both overseas and in our au pair training school before they come to your home.

The cost of an au pair averages out to about $385/week for up to 45 hours of childcare; less than $10/hour including program fees and her weekly stipend. Program fees cover recruiting and screening; travel arrangements; CPR certification; Child development education; language evaluation; au pair health insurance; visa arrangements; a local support consultant and more. There is never a financial obligation until you have found just the right person to bring into your home.

You will start with a pool of about 1300 au pairs and narrow it down with the criteria that matter to you until you are interviewing maybe one to four people. You will receive support from registration through orientation of the au pair in your home.

All of our au pairs are Pediatric CPR and First Aid certified by the Red Cross.

Hamptons Au Pair is your local link to the coutry’s largest and oldest au pair service. We have over 14,000 American families who are experiencing the benefits of welcoming these young people into their home. It works for working couples; single parents; stay-at-home parents and every family configuration you can think of. It will work for you.

Business Website Address: http://www.hamptonsaupair.comBusiness Phone Number: (516) 449-4200Business Tags: au pair, babysitter, childcare, children, nanny, parenting