From the Desk of Our President

Helen Minieri Stacy

Dear EEWN Members,                                                       Spring, 2016

As our 2015/2016 fiscal year comes to a close, it is with great joy, I look back on all that was accomplished, all the great women we have met and learned from, and those we have celebrated.  Thank you to our departing Board Members and for the many volunteer hours they contributed towards EEWN’s growth. We also welcome to our newly elected Board Members and are excited about the year ahead.

As Winston Churchill once said, “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” Your Board Members had an opportunity to look back and reflect on our founding fore sisters’

July 1981 decision to organize East End Women’s Network.  What were they thinking? The original Articles of Incorporation, signed 35 years ago, have been the motivation behind the process of updating and amending our by-laws, which our membership voted on unanimously at the April meeting.  We truly appreciate the work of those Board Members dedicated to this project and for bringing our organization closer to reestablishing our 501(c)3 status:  Judy McCleery, Kathi Hendrickson, Annelle Lewis and Jennifer Maertz. EEWN’s future looks bright thanks to your hard work.

Another stand out this year was our new and improved electronic newsletter, spearheaded by Kathi Hendrickson. The EEWN newsletter now provides more than it ever has, as you will experience in this informative edition.

Part of EEWN’s strength lies in the ability of our organization to recognize great women of the East End, share our findings and support these women. Congratulations to our 2016 Woman of the Year, Rosemarie Dios.  A hidden gem within the community was honored for her leadership and service, her speech was an inspiration to all.  Hurray to our three Scholarship winners, the future generation of great women leaders. They shared with us their East End high school accomplishments, volunteerism and athletic prowess…quite an amazing group of young ladies.

Spread the EEWN word; use your Member Directory and Buying Guide along with your website directory, found at www., when looking for a service or hiring an employee. Join us at our monthly meetings, networking is fun.  Women supporting women fosters success…your membership is meaningful.

Enjoy the summer,

Helen Minieri Stacy, CFP

President, EEWN

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