An Open Letter to EEWN Members

Bylaws Balloting Results:

Total Ballots entered: 33
Yes Votes: 33
No Votes: 0

An Open Letter to the East End Women’s Network Members:

Dear East End Women’s Network Members,

Thank you!

The ballots have been counted and you approved the bylaws update UNANIMOUSLY! We very much appreciate your whole-hearted support of this very necessary major update to the East End Women’s Network governing document.

Please join me in extending my thanks to the ladies of the Bylaws Update Committee, Vice-President Judy McCleery, Director-at-Large Annelle Lewis, Newsletter Chair Kathleen Hendrickson, and President Emeritus Jennifer Maertz who provided pro bono legal guidance.

It took diligence and a strong vision of what the East End Women’s Network could, and should, be moving forward into the 21st Century. We are pleased with, and yes, proud of, the finished result, and are so grateful to you, the members, for your steadfast support in this effort.

It is an honor to serve as your President.

With very kind regards,

Helen Minieri Stacy, President

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